Component Lifing software for professional motorsport
Anyone who has been involved with or visited a typical Motorsport Team’s Travel Office will be familiar with the problems faced by the Travel Office team daily.  From booking hotel rooms for hundreds of people at a time to ensuring that all travellers have the correct, in-date passports and visas for an event.  Combine that with last minute replacements and the absolute necessity that all travellers arrive at their destination (and return!) safely and on time, you have all of the ingredients for a high stress environment.

TravelCheck has been developed over a number of years with input from various Formula 1 and other leading motorsport teams to facilitate the efficient planning and organization of travel for large groups of people all over the world to minimise these stresses.
TravelCheck works with the Travel Office, breaking an event down into multiple stages which can be strung together to form a coherent itinerary, while allowing each stage to be manipulated individually, assigning personnel to a stage and defining how each stage interacts with the next. 

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