Component Lifing software for professional motorsport
March 2013 - V4.7
As promised we have continued developing LifeCheck to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of technology and have listened to your suggestions as to how LifeCheck could be improved. The over-riding request has been to simplify the way in which the Chassis build is created and maintained prior to adding distance to the chassis and to this end we have introduced Chassis Templates and the Chassis Build screen.

Chassis Templates define both the Parts which should be on the chassis and their structure and can be either created manually using drag-and-drop functionality or more easily, created from an existing Chassis build. A Chassis Template defines the Parts which should be on the Chassis and not specific Components and as such may be created prior to actually creating components within LifeCheck.

The Build Chassis view utilises the Chassis Template and is used to compare a chassis build against the template. Assemblies and components missing from the chassis are clearly indicated and a simple point and click operation allows components to be added to the chassis or exchanged for other components. Any components on the chassis but not in the template are also clearly indicated meaning that it is easier than ever to ensure that your chassis build is correct with all components and no extras prior to adding a session.

Part Classes may also be used within a Chassis Template. Part Classes allow functionally equivalent parts to be grouped together and considered to be inter-changeable within LifeCheck. For example, the Chassis Template may define that 7 gear ratios must be on the chassis - each gear ration within LifeCheck could be assigned to the 'Gear Ration' Part Class anmd would then be considered equivalent.