Component Lifing software for professional motorsport
December 2018 - LifeCheck v5.3.2 Release
LifeCheck v5.3.2 is a minor update however it includes some significant new functionality and a number of fixes to issues reported in previous versions.  As such it is recommended to all users.  v5.3.2 adds a few 'usability' changes such as not focusing on the life code field when displaying component properties as this made it too easy to accidentally change the life code and the saving of the column ordering on the main screens.  LifeCheck can now also perform a sanity check when swapping assemblies on to a chassis to ensure that they match that expected or at least do not have additional components which would cause the chassis build to not match the template.
November 2018 - LifeCheck V5.3.0 Released
LifeCheck v5.3.0 is a relatively major release as it pulls together a number of developments requested by our user base into a single release.  For example, teams have been making use of an undocumented 'feature' to allow them to access multiple databases from a single LifeCheck installation - support for this has now been formalised and incorporated into the main product (subject to license). 

This release also includes a new 'Component Use' report which allows you to identify the life code for each component used on each chassis in the selected sessions or conversely on which chassis specific life codes have been used in the selected sessions.  This information just hasn't been available in previous releases without viewing Component History.

We now also allow you to specify a 'template' excel file which can be used to format data exported from LifeCheck.  This allows you to include your corporate colour scheme, font and logos in these reports.
August 2018 - LifeCheck v5.2.6 Released
LifeCheck v5.2.6 is in itself a fairly minor release simply introducing as it does a new 'Session Component' report.  It does however quickly follow on from LifeCheck v5.2.5 which added a whole raft of performance related imnprovements to the product as well as standardising functionality across the individual screens within LifeCheck.  These updates also fix a number of software issues which have been reported in presvious versions of lifeCheck including one which could lead to compoennts going 'missing' after using the 'Swap' and 'Quick Swap' functionality within the Chassis Builder.  As such it is recommended that users upgrade as soon as possible to v5.2.6 to avoid these problems.
February 2018 - LifeCheck v5.2.0 Released
LifeCheck v5.2.0 is now in Beta release.  This is a major new version including a raft of new functionality requested by our user base ranging from increased security including a new 'Read-Only' mode to more minor changes such as removing default values when adding sessions to help avoid mistakes.  Although this release is only Beta at this time, please contact Support if you would like to participate in Beta testing of this and future releases.

For a full description of the changes introduced in v5.2.0, please refer to the latest Release Notes.