Component Lifing software for professional motorsport
LifeCheck V5.7.2
We are pleased to announce the availability of LifeCheck V5.7.2.  As well as a number of new features and engancements, this new version includes support for a Hosted database.  

With LifeCheck Hosted, you simply sign up, download the installer and enter your registration details to connect to your own unique hosted LifeCheck database.

You no longer need to allocate a Windows server to hold the LifeCheck database or search for a cloud based database solution. LifeCheck Hosted simplifies the whole process of getting started with Component Management and Lifing leaving you to get on with your other work. You can even elect to start with some sample data so you are able to get up and running quickly and with minimal fuss.

To sign-up for LifeCheck Hosted and start using LifeCheck to manage your Component Inventory, please click HERE

Coming Soon - LifeCheck Integration Service
LifeCheck has always had support for reporing allowing many and varied filters to be applied to your component stock allowing you to create specific reports to show, for example, which components will need to be serviced before the next race or which have been potentially damaged and will need to be inspected prior to bring back into stores. 

We are now however testing a new KLifeCheck Integration Service which will be an optional add-on module to LifeCheck.  The Integration Service will allow reports to be run on a scheduled basis without needing them to be run manually from within LifeCheck.  The results from these reports are saved into an output folder and can optionally be emailed to nominated user(s)

In a similar way, the Integration Service can also monitor a specified folder looking for Component Import files and, when found, will automatically upload these import files into the LifeCheck database again avoiding the need for manual intervention.  Now getting new inventory into LifeCheck is as simple as generating a comma-separated file (CSV) and saving it to a folder.  

f you would like further details, please contact support.
LifeCheck v5.6.0 is Available
Trenchant Technologies are pleased to announce the release of LifeCheck v5.6.0.  This is a major new version of LifeCheck with some exciting new functionality aimed at moving the bar once again with regards to Component Management and Lifing.  New functionality includes support for such things as allowing multiple teams to be handled within the database with their own component stock, running reports direct to Excel rather than having to display on screen, child locations and customisable locations within the 'Holding' area and service sheets linked to movement of components between locations.  For a full list of the many changes in v5.6.0, please refer to the Release Notes.
March 2022 - LifeCheck v5.6.0 in final beta testing
LifeCheck v5.6.0 is an exciting new release which is undergoing final user acceptance testing.  This release brings together a number of new features requested over the last year by our user base including such things as calendar based servicing (every 30 days / every 12 months etc), single use components and directionally lifed components as well as performance enhancements to limit the number of components which may be displayed on a single page and allowing these component lists to be filtered to more easily identify specific components.

LifeCheck v5.6.0 is scheduled for release end march 2022 - if you would like to join our beta testing program, please email Support.  You can get a list of the changes in this and all previous versions of LifeCheck by reviewing the Release Notes.