Component Lifing software for professional motorsport
September 2017 - New Technical Notes Published
We have now decided to make all documentation and Technical Notes available from the Downloads area of our web site.  As such have created and published a number of new Technical Notes for our product set.  If you have any suggestions for new Technical Notes or How-To Guides please let us know by sending an email to the Web Site Manager.
September 2017 - LifeCheck V5.1.4 Released
LifeCheck v5.1.4 is now officially released.   Following a series of maintenance releases, LifeCheck v5.1.4 adds some important new functionality to the Chassis Builder.  Now you can see your inventory and select replacement components directly from inventory when building or updating your chassis.  this update again simplifies the process of maintaining your chassis builds.  Customers with a valid support subscription can download this release HERE.
June 2017 - TravelCheck iOS App Launched
As an add-on to our existing TravelCheck system we have now produced an App for Apple iOS devices which allows travel plans for individuals to be sent directly to their phone.  Now users can see their flights, hotels and other travel arrangements directly without the need for printed Itineraries.  Messages and alerts can be sent to inform users of changes to their travel plans.  Download the TravelCheck App from the App Store.
January 2017 - TravelCheck v4 Launched

Our new product, TravelCheck, has now been officially launched.  Anyone who has been involved with or visited a typical Motorsport Team’s Travel Office will be familiar with the problems faced by the Travel Office team daily.  From booking hotel rooms for hundreds of people at a time to ensuring that all travellers have the correct, in-date passports and visas for an event.  Combine that with last minute replacements and the absolute necessity that all travellers arrive at their destination (and return!) safely and on time, you have all of the ingredients for a high stress environment.  

TravelCheck has been designed with the input of Motorsport Teams to address these issues and to facilitate the efficient planning and organization of travel for large groups of people all over the world to minimise these stresses.