Component Lifing software for professional motorsport

Improve decision making and enhance risk management though better use of performance and historical data on components.

LifeCheck v4 is the leading Component Lifing software tool for motorsport, helping teams:
  • Improve car safety and reliability – know all your components are within their prescribed life whether that be using race or test mileage limits, expiration date, time in use or even arbitrary values such as twist or thickness.   By using this information you can  understand how well components are performing, using session history, calibrations and failure rate data.
  • Improve performance – LifeCheck’s reporting and analytical tools help inform team strategy, technical decisions and aid product development
  • Reduce errors – through comprehensive tracking, inbuilt system checks and configurable access permissions
  • Reduce waste – get the most out of your components using separate Race and Test limits 

LifeCheck makes lifing easier...

LifeCheck has been designed to streamline the lifing function within the race team environment with a range of purpose built functions for:
  • Recording component creation - using your own part numbering system and descriptions
  • Setting of life and service limits – using either miles or kilometres
  • Assembly builds
  • Swapping components
  • Adding distance to chassis. 

The full life cycle of components is managed in one secure and centralised, shareable data store with lifing data accessible anywhere.

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