Component Lifing software for professional motorsport

About Us

Trenchant Technologies Ltd (TTL) was established in 2010 specifically to produce the latest generation of LifeCheck bringing together the best traditions of the product with new technological expertise.

UK based software developers Trenchant Technologies Ltd (TTL) continue to work with their customers to develop the capabilities of LifeCheck to ensure it remains the Industry Standard in Component Lifing software, providing a flexible, scalable and affordable solution.

The LifeCheck brand has established a trusted track record across motorsport and since it was first developed in 1995 by Race Engineer John Buridge, it has continued to evolve to meet the demands of F1, INDYCAR, World Rally Championship, Champ Car, Le Mans, Touring Car, GT Racing and International Motorcycle teams across motorsport.

Having been developed by people with an engineering background, LifeCheck demonstrates an innate understanding of the challenges faced daily by personnel tasked with managing component lifing within a motorsport engineering context.