Component Lifing software for professional motorsport
May 2013 - V4.7.3
We have been made aware of a potential issue when adding distance to weighted or factored components and have produced a fix to address this issue as part of our ongoing development. While not introducing major changes, v4.7.3 has added a much asked for feature in to the 'Export to Excel' functionality. Now the colour coding of component lifing limits will be shown within the generated Excel document allowing reports to be created which will, at a glance, identify which components are nearing or have exceeded their lifing limits.

We have also been working with a few teams where the majority of their components do not have life limits but it is still important for them to be able to track the distance run by these components. V4.7.3 therefore introduces a feature, selectable within 'Global Settings', which will allow non-lifed components to not only maintain a record of the distance they have travelled but to also display this within the LifeCheck views.