Component Lifing software for professional motorsport
October 28th 2013 - LifeCheck V4.7.6 released
LifeCheck v4.7 is a major update of our leading Component Lifing System for motorsport and adds significant new functionality to make building and maintaining your Chassis builds within LifeCheck even easier. The new 'Chassis Build' provides a simple, point and click view of your Chassis highlighting where components are missing from the chassis and allowing new components to be selected and moved on to the chassis in a single operation.

v4.7.6 is a minor update to v4.7 and fixes some reported issues while adding some minor functionality requested by our user base such as the ability to keep the 'Add Miles' form on screen while changing the chassis build to speed up the recording of multiple sessions. In addition we have identified some instances where the total distance run by a component differed from the total determine by adding up the individual session distances. While we believe that this is an historical fault, v4.7.6 adds new functionality which can correct these discrepencies if they are found. we have also added a new 'Database Diagnostics' screen which will be built on over time to allow the integrity of the data stored by LifeCheck to be periodically validated and corrected if necessary.