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LifeCheck v5.3.8 Available

LifeCheck v5.3.8 is in the process of being released.  This started off as a fairly minor maintenance release but late on in the development a number of new LifeCheck users came on board with their own specific requirements which we decided to roll in to this release.


Changes implemented range from function enhancements such as the ability to compare and report on the changes made to the latest chassis build since the last session run to a pretty fundamental change to the race calendar to increase it's usefulness.  


The Race Calendar allows you to pre-define the races, sessions and distances which you expect to compete in throughout the year and this information can be useful when used in conjunction with the forecasting functions in LifeCheck.  We now however allow you to make use of these event definitions when adding sessions to a chassis.  Predefined events can be picked and used to preset the various fields on the 'Add Session' window.  Once a session has been added, any matching session in the race calendar is updated to reflect this change.


v5.3.8 is a staged release to allow the requesting users to validate the new functionality.  If you would like to participate in the testing process, please contact support at