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LifeCheck v5.4.1 Available
LieCheck v5.4.1 is now available for general release on a final beta basis.  We have completed testing this version against a number of user databases to ensure the upgrade process goes as smoothly as possible.  

It is important to note this is a major update and will cause a database upgrade to be performed.  As such all users will need to upgrade at the same time as older versions of LifeCheck will be unable to access the new database.  Your data will not be affected however it is higley recommended to perform a database backup prior to any major updates.

LifeCheck v5.4.1 is a cumulative update which includes a number of cosmetic and functional changes, such as the ability to set color coding limits for services, but also includes 2 important new optional modules, Fault Tracking and Wheel Lifing.  These have been developed in conjunction with LifeCheck users to ensure that the functionality meets and exceeds real-world requirements and adds real benefit to LifeCheck.  Please contact LifeCheck Sales for further details.