Component Lifing software for professional motorsport
Wheel Lifing Module Added
Lifing of wheels is complicated by the fact they are often changed during a session independently of any other changes to the Race Car.  Previously this caused issues within LifeCheck as sessions would need to be split just to record these wheel changes even if no other changes were made to the car build.  The Wheel Lifing module aims to address this limitation by splitting off the process of adding sessions / distance to wheels and wheel sets from the lifing of the chassis itself. 

Wheel sets are created with wheels assigned to these sets, then the distance covered during a race weekend can be apportioned to the wheel sets based on that recorded for the car as a whole.  New reports allow you to see which wheels were used within a specific session or in which sessions specific wheel sets were used.

Wheel Lifing is a separately licensed module to the main LifeCheck system.  Please consult Sales for a quote to add this module to your existing LifeCheck system.