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LifeCheck v5.5.0 Available
We are pleased to announce the release of LifeCheck v5.5.0.  This is a relatively minor update but does add some significant new functionality aimed at extending Chassis Templates to better support Part Classes. In previous releases, where a part class was used within a chassis template, the chassis builder could not dig into the structure beneath the part class as this depended on the specific assembly selected.  From v5.5.0 onwards, it is possibly to associate a part with an assembly template meaning that the chassis builder can now determine the 'correct' structure of an assembly and use this to control the build the assembly.

This update also includes support for the specification of a 'category' for both part classes and templates.  By grouping part classes and templates into categories, this change makes it easier to select the correct item where a large number of part classes  and/or templates have been defined.

This update does require a database upgrade and as such should be scheduled so that all users can be updated at the same time.