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LifeCheck V5.5.3 Released
We have today announced the release of the latest update to LifeCheck which is v5.5.3. 

This is an Interim release meaning it includes some significant new functionality as well as fixes for any issues reported to us.  It does however perform an upgrade of your LifeCheck database and as such should be scheduled so that all users can be updated at the same time.  As with all updates, it is highly recommended that you ensure you have a recent backup of your LifeCheck database prior to performing the update.  

Amongst other items, v5.5.3 introdcues support for child locations allowing greater flexibility when defining storage locations for your component inventory as well as support for setting a password policy helping to secure your LifeCheck data from unauthorised access. 

To read more about the changes in this update and all previous versions of LifeCheck, please check-out the LifeCheck release notes which may be downloaded from our web site or by clicking HERE.