Component Lifing software for professional motorsport
March 2022 - LifeCheck v5.6.0 in final beta testing
LifeCheck v5.6.0 is an exciting new release which is undergoing final user acceptance testing.  This release brings together a number of new features requested over the last year by our user base including such things as calendar based servicing (every 30 days / every 12 months etc), single use components and directionally lifed components as well as performance enhancements to limit the number of components which may be displayed on a single page and allowing these component lists to be filtered to more easily identify specific components.

LifeCheck v5.6.0 is scheduled for release end march 2022 - if you would like to join our beta testing program, please email Support.  You can get a list of the changes in this and all previous versions of LifeCheck by reviewing the Release Notes.