Component Lifing software for professional motorsport
LifeCheck V5.7.2
We are pleased to announce the availability of LifeCheck V5.7.2.  As well as a number of new features and engancements, this new version includes support for a Hosted database.  

With LifeCheck Hosted, you simply sign up, download the installer and enter your registration details to connect to your own unique hosted LifeCheck database.

You no longer need to allocate a Windows server to hold the LifeCheck database or search for a cloud based database solution. LifeCheck Hosted simplifies the whole process of getting started with Component Management and Lifing leaving you to get on with your other work. You can even elect to start with some sample data so you are able to get up and running quickly and with minimal fuss.

To sign-up for LifeCheck Hosted and start using LifeCheck to manage your Component Inventory, please click HERE