Component Lifing software for professional motorsport

Fault Tracking Features

The Fault Tracking module is an optional, separately licensed bolt-on for LifeCheck which implements a fully featured system by which faults relating to assemblies and components may be tracked. Faults may be assigned to different staff members, given a user definable priority and status and notifications
sent to nominated users as faults are created, updated or closed.

Faults Dashboard

The Fault Tracking Dashboard provides an overview of all of the faults currently defined and allows you to see at a glance who has the most faults assigned to them, which components have the most faults and other such statistical information.

Faults View

The Faults View is the main screen for both recording and viewing faults defined with the system. It provides a number of filters to zoom in on specific fault criteria.  

Adding a New Fault

New faults can be created in a number of different ways including :-

  • From any of the 'standard' views within LifeCheck, right-click on a component and select Add Fault from the menu displayed
  • From the Faults View by clicking the New button in the left hand panel

In either case the Record Fault window shown below will be displayed. When invoked from the History window, LifeCheck will assume that the fault is being recorded for the selected session and will preset the details of the session into the Add fault window. In all other cases, LifeCheck will preselect the last session run by the selected component.

Add Fault